About Us

Metro network news is a subsidiary of Metro Network Online Limited.

A Brief

The company was incorporated in 2008 under the Companies and Allied matters (CAMA) Act 1990 and it is limited by shares.

Our vision at Metro network news is to have an impartial website that makes the African a total man of dignity in good governance, education, sports, entertainment and in areas that impede his progress such as insecurity, crime and corruption.

We would achieve our vision through:

  • A features approach
  • Creative interview

In-depth reporting that inspires confidence in the African’s search for excellence.

Sacredness of facts.

Fairness to all manner of persons irrespective of religion, creed and ethnic affinity.

Our Content

Our contents are based on mostly soft news of human interest stories with sprinkles of hard news. Basically, we look at issues from the soft news perspective.

Our Target Audience

Our target audience is the youths that are more on digital platforms than any other class of people. We report stories that will attract interest of our target readers through cross sectional reporting of events that happen in Nigeria especially and Africa in general.

Concern About Facts

We are concerned about facts and do not circulate fake news and use foul and erotic words. We also do not use blasphemous words against any religion.